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Blessed Feast of our Father Among the Saints, Saint John of San Francisco!

Wishing a Blessed Feast day to all on the celebration of Saint John of San Francisco, one of the patrons of Orthodox Traditionalist Publications and to my Hierarch, His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrius and all the Fathers at the Holy Monastery of Saint John of San Francisco in Cobleskill, New York!

Troparion — Tone 5

Your care for your flock in its sojourn prefigured your prayers, / which you always offer up for the whole world. / Thus we believe, having come to know your love, O holy hierarch and wonderworker John. / Wholly sanctified by God through the ministry of the all-pure Mysteries, / and ever strengthened by them yourself, / you hastened to the suffering, O healer, easing their afflictions. / Hasten now to help us, who honor you with all our heart.

Kontakion — Tone 4

Your heart went out to all who entreat you with love, O hierarch John, / and who remember the struggle of your life, and thy painless and easy repose, / O faithful servant of the all-pure Directress.


Attached below is the 1994 Orthodox Life (Jordanville) Magazine Article written by now Bishop Luke of Jordanville who was present for the Canonization of Saint John of San Francisco. At this liturgy, "Over ninety clergy from around the world were fully vested to concelebrate the triumphant Liturgy headed by Their Eminences, Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) and Vlasie (Old Calendarist Romanian Orthodox Church)."

Orthodox Life St John Canonization
Download PDF • 4.61MB

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