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Metropolitan Philaret of New York: Avoid Entering into Marriage with a Non-Orthodox Person!

By Blessed Metropolitan Philaret of New York


For the sake of all that is holy, avoid what is happening so often now: entering into marriage with a non-Orthodox person. Currently, this is considered almost a normal occurrence, but such a marriage will never be a true Christian marriage. Never! If those entering into marriage, the bride and groom, husband and wife, believe differently - what spiritual unity can they have? Christian marriage is not only a physical bond; it is primarily based on complete spiritual unity. And if the very subjects of belief, the truths of faith, are thought of differently by the husband and wife - what can be said about spiritual unity?

Blessed Metropolitan Philaret of New York

The situation is even worse concerning children. Too often, in such families, children grow up as non-believers or with weak faith, and they cannot be blamed for it. Indeed, what can a child, a growing boy or girl, sincerely and deeply believe when they see that dad believes this way and mom believes differently? So, everything is relative, and there is no absolute spiritual truth; you can believe this way, or you can believe differently? Or can you believe in nothing at all? In this way, skepticism immediately takes root in the young soul, and it will no longer be a truly devout Orthodox soul. Only by a miracle, through a special act of God's Providence, can faith come to that soul to which the family and parents did not provide a real Orthodox upbringing and disposition [1].



[1]. Проповѣди и поученія Высокопреосвященнѣйшаго Митрополита Филарета, Первоіерарха Русской Зарубежной Церкви. Томъ I.: Къ 50-лѣтію священнослуженія (1931-1981 гг.). Нью-Іоркъ, 1981. С. 255.

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