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Orthodox Traditionalist Publications Updates!

Dear Readers,

I wanted to give you an update on what Orthodox Traditionalist Publications has been working on since our last publication on March 1st, 2024, when we republished The Canonical & Legal Position of the Moscow Patriarchate by Bishop Gregory (Grabbe). Behind the scenes, we have been very busy researching, writing, editing, and compiling more historical volumes and liturgical services in preparation for publication. As of now, we have five new publications in the works and nearly completed!

Recently, I researched and authored a 400-page patristic study on the Orthodox Church's response to preachers and teachers of heresy. This detailed examination covers how the apostolic and patristic fathers responded to heresy in the scriptures, the Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene periods, and includes contemporary examples of breaking communion with heretics from the Fathers of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. It also features historical examples of Church Fathers using parallel hierarchies and synods as a method of distancing themselves from synods and patriarchates that have officially adopted heresy. Our final chapter includes an examination of the liturgical teachings on the response to heresy and what we pray in the dogmatic liturgical texts of the Church. This work is currently undergoing hierarchical review and our final edits and, God willing, will be published within the next few months!

In addition to this unprecedented historical volume, I have also completed the first-ever English translation of the life and works of Saint Joseph of Petrograd (600+ pages), the Russian New Martyr who is still rejected by the Moscow Patriarchate. This work makes his holy life, personal letters, and struggles within the Russian Catacomb Church accessible, including his rejection of the heretic Sergius and his teachings on various spiritual subjects.

Another volume I have been working on is a comprehensive collection (600 pages) of Saint Philaret of New York’s homiletic corpus, synodal decisions, letters, writings, and never-before-translated audio recordings transcribed and translated from the original Russian. This volume includes a newly discovered and recently declassified letter from Saint Philaret concerning the theft of ROCOR property in Jerusalem by the Moscow Patriarchate, uncovered in a U.S. government telegram.

Currently with the translators is the Official History of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, produced by the Synod of the GOC (120 pages). This work, never before published in English, details the history and struggles of the GOC in Greece, complementing my already published work on the history of the GOC and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Also with the translators is the official service of the Four First-Hierarch Saints of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad: Saints Anthony (Khrapovitsky), Anastasi, Philaret, and Vitaly, which has never been translated into English. God willing, all these volumes will be available before the end of the year so that in 2025 we can begin work on further historical volumes and the lives of the Russian New Martyrs!

In Christ,

Subdeacon Nektarios, M.A.


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